Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kitchen Covet

We covered some of the things that keep me happy in the kitchen.  Now, on to the items I'm pining for as of late!

1.  This cute timer from Better Homes & Gardens with a little slot to hold a recipe card.  I know, it's cheap - I need to buy it already.  And yes, perhaps you've noticed that I'm drawn to the bold red splash around the kitchen.

2.  A pot filler.  It isn't going to happen in our current configuration or kitchen, but it's on my "Sigh.  Someday..." list. 

3.  A set of Laguiole flatware.  Best known for their craftsmanship of knives with a small bee on the handle, the Laguiole collection has always kind of rocked my world.  J'adore.

4. More of these mugs, which my sister originally bought for me from Williams Sonoma.  Unfortunately, they no longer carry them and she bought me the last four:

5.  Red Le Creuset bakeware.  Paella dishes, casseroles, you name it - I'd love to have a bunch of it.  Williams Sonoma carries it, and I have impure thoughts about it.

6.  A gorgeous new toaster that looks as though it might also be a time machine.  The likelihood of me ever purchasing a toaster with a price tag of more than two figures is exceptionally improbable, but hey - a girl can dream!

What are you wishing for to complete your culinary adventures?

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