Friday, December 2, 2011

Boss Around The Food Adventuress!

Hey y'all, 

So, I'm VERY stoked that we have purchased my new Whirlpool EnergyStar kitchen appliances (microwave, fridge, range and dishwasher) and they will be arriving next week.  I'm almost as excited that I get to mark off some commitments on my Practically Green action list!  (Read more over on Little Magpie, on the PG blog and nwaMotherlode!)
Obviously, I will immediately shun all non-homemade meals for quite some time in my enthusiasm. The question will be what to prepare for the maiden voyages of my new partners in kitchen crime! So, I invite you to boss me around. 
I'm seeking a few new things to to try. The guidelines are pretty broad: though I'm a vegetarian, I cook meat for my family. (More on my overall food philosophy here.)  So, a chicken dish (for example) will work provided there are ample side items (I'm happy with a grain and a veggie as my meal on a fairly regular basis) or the meat item can be prepared separately. I'm not into fancy schmancy (Julie and Julia can stick with the beef bourgignon) or uber-involved, but I will happily chop and cook lengthy meals if the end justifies the means.  I'm not really into shortcuts (prepared, canned or frozen over fresh) or processed (cheez whiz, rotel et al), but I suppose I'm malleable.  Frying is an absolute rarity, and I do skew pretty healthy, but hey: be a negative influence on me!  There's no telling what I'm missing.

Also: we are all fans of fish and shellfish up in here. 
Last but not least, I'm highly likely to take whatever directions and recipes you offer and do whatever I want with them, to offer fair warning. However, I'll give credit where credit is due.  So, send me to your blogs, your tried and true recipes, your favorite websites, photos of your tattered recipe cards and directives to the undiscovered but fabulous recipes on boxes of pasta.  Bring it all.   

I'll test 'em as I get to know my new appliances and report on it all ad nauseum.  And, I'll obviously link to your bloggity blogs.

I await your instruction.