Monday, January 3, 2011

A few disclaimers & general rules


I'm most appreciative of your interest in this blog.  However, if you're going to read it, let's set a few ground rules, shall we?  Here's what you can expect:

1.  I'm a vegetarian, and the vast majority of my recipes are the same.  However, I cook a number of items for meat eaters, so those can be found here on occasion as well.  And by "vegetarian" I mean the following: I eat dairy, eggs, fish and shellfish - you'll find those in my recipes.

2.  I'm a fan of 2% milk.  Use what you'd like and you'll often be pleasantly surprised to find that it works just fine.

3.  Whole wheat flour is my preference.  Again, substituting white flour or some mixture of the two will typically have very little effect, unless we're baking.

4.  I'm quite terrible at following directions - that's why this is essentially a blog about taking recipes and having my way with them.  The irony is not lost on me that I'm posting supposed recipes on this blog myself.  But, to my utter disbelief, a number of people seem to want my "recipes," and telling them the honest truth (that I throw a bunch of things in a pot and see how it turns out) was no longer holding the mongrels off.  To wit, my best effort at recording my concoctions and (mis)adventures.

5.  Perhaps most importantly: I'm not a chef, nutritionist, qualified medical professional, cookbook editor, culinary school graduate or anything else impressive.  I'm a mom and a wife and a working professional.  I like my meals tasty, interesting, not terribly difficult to prepare or lofty and even fairly quick to prepare.

6.  I can't stand behind any nutritional information, facts or details.  I just read cookbooks and magazines, try my hand at things and post the results here.  If you're looking for someone to sue or otherwise hold accountable for much of anything, I'm not your gal.  I do use SparkPeople Recipes to check nutritional information for my own benefit, and that is what I post on this site for nutritional information on any recipes.

7.  I believe wholeheartedly that cooking is a pretty good time.  I like to experiment.  I enjoy chopping vegetables.  I'm interested in new ingredients.  I care about fitness, health, not raising picky eaters, trying new things and enjoying decadent desserts.  I encourage a feeling of fun and freedom in the kitchen.  You are not bound to rules and cookbooks any more than I am, and I can assure you that after more than fifteen years of cooking random things for my family, I have not killed one of them yet.  (However, we will no longer serve pumpkin soup in this household, tragically).  The point is that this is fun stuff.  Don't be bound by recipes and master chefs - be inspired by them, and give it your own influence!

I believe that is all.  You may now proceed with abandon.  At ease, and happy eating!


  1. Hi there! Found you through Twitter...looking through my new followers over at Creative Kitchen. The description you give of yourself in the kitchen is exactly me I had to make sure to say "Hi" while here reading!

    It also seems we have a lot of same interests in food (whole food/real food/whole wheat, etc). I am not a vegetarian (though I was for 9 yrs), but have a lot of vegetarian recipes on my site.

    Welcome to the food blogging world...I love it, even though it can be time consuming! And sometimes actually can take away from my cooking time, ironically!

  2. Hi Beth,

    I just posted a write up about your new blog! Welcome to the food blog community!